AI Sorting Hat’s 16 houses by frontal face, inspired by Harry Potter’s Sorting Hat( or Azure free tier is on for my non-commercial personal toy project, so the throughput might not be fast

e.g. If you upload any frontal face included image(straight face is better), returns proportion of 16 houses that I classified from data collected from web. for example result link:) you can share this link too

I pre-proccessed and trained till I get the house of ‘elec’(electronic) with Satya Nadella’s test input image, because it interestingly worked without training his images.

Besides any controversy, I just collected and trained the “AI sorting hat” with no interest of collecting personal data; only collected the face images and the majors(texts) from web. The only intriguing question was if the transfer-learned model can guess the majors by faces well, that human can’t do. Nothing else was needed.

If feedback of “actual house” piles up, I’ll train again the model with augmented images for solving another question; Model can guess better with more images? Let’s see about that :)



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